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Tools for the Journey



1. Relaxation

Relaxation training is your key into the stasis pod where homeostasis exists.  When you )or any other "vessel of the symbol"  is in homeostasis, then you are relaxed and creative.  According to Herbert Benson in his book entitled "The Relaxation Response" the relaxation response is an innate, integrated set of physiological changes opposite to those of the fight-or- flight response and can be elicited by psychological means.

Sequential relaxation is a centering or concentration activity for the mind, concentration being a pre-requisite for learning. Centering techniques also have the ability to give the mind a rest from the habit of constant labeling.

2. Time

In addition to time preventing everything from happening at once, Time is Event!

Viewing time as a series of events empowers each of us with the ability to control time!!

Very cool!

3. The Observer

FOCUS! Find your "stasis-pod" and become The Observer. Imagine if thoughts are patterns that you can watch. If thoughts are patterns, they can be categorized and arranged.

Learning to arrange your thoughts for a successful life is the science of happy, happy! no j




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Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh....... Art History is the Literature of Vision

"Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Art History is the Literature of Vision