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Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh....... Art History is the Literature of Vision

"Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Art History is the Literature of Vision


    Why did she create the characters Grand-Ma Rainbow and Super Mom? 

Who is Grand-Ma Rainbow?

Grand-Ma Rainbow is a fictional character who is an advocate

    and a role-model for Art Education.

She is a creation of Dr. Crew Roboch who has taught Art to young children

    in a Pennsylvania public school for over 30 years.

Dr. Crew's professional name is Dr. Roboch

"The Day Imagination Died!"
by Daryle Crew Roboch, Ed.D.

Why did I create this program, this web-site and these characters?

If I were a young child in today's educational system, I would be labeled with a learning disability because of my very visual learning style and the difficulty I had learning to read.  However, I adapted to the system and learned to read but lost my ability to see "pictures in my mind". I cannot visualize or day-dream.  Imagine that disability! 

I created the Image-Thinking program and characters so that my grand-daughter and other visual thinkers do not lose their ability to  visualize, day-dream and imagine while learning to read. America's current educational delivery system is very verbal.  The poem below describes my experience in third grade.

It's another day in elementary school. Life is a struggle. Then I began to
hear a voice. It's in the distance but coming on STRONG.
Wa wa ... Wa wa ... Wa .. Wawawawa . . . WA!
"Daryle, why won't you listen!!! Every day it's the same non-sense. You never
pay attention. Your sister is so bright and all you do is daydream. Now
snap out of it or you are going to be a dummy. Is that what you want? To be a
I sat up. I decided to LISTEN. I didn't want to lose. "Mommy and Daddy
love me. They're counting on me.
HEY, what's going on?"
Suddenly it happened. My little rocket ship began to disappear and in its place
began to emerge a DESK. All the little magic buttons are gone. I can't see
anything ... but the teacher. It will be alright. I hear her now, it's ok.
But wait a minute, where are the pictures? No TIME for the pictures. It's okay.
Just listen to the teacher. Don't worry about the pictures. It's okay.
Just listen to the teacher. Don't worry about the pictures, just listen so you don't
become the loser. It will be okay??
It will be okay?
It will be okay?
It will be okay?
It will be okay?

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