What is Art?

Art is human expression of ideas and feelings THROUGH SYMBOLISM. 

Each piece of Art on this website was given to "Grand-Ma Rainbow" and created a relationship between teacher and student. 

Each image (or poem), therefore, has a story! 

All Artistic production is a story to be communicated from the artist to the audience.  This site also educates "discrimination" of expression because only school appropriate art is posted.  Our culture desperately needs understanding about choice and needs someone to stand up for decency, kindness and respect. 


Art (symbol making) as a mentoring process is a great tool. 

In the age of technology and mass media, we as teachers, parents and grand-parents, can influence the CHOICES made by our Children expressed through their drawing and writing.  By caring about our Children's Art we become active listeners to their ideas and feelings. 

Art is human expression of ideas and feelings.  The media may differ, but the purpose is universal.

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